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imperma board

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of formwork board

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Why Imperma Formwork Board?

The future of Formwork:

5-10x more usage

Our range of PVC Foam and Polypropylene construction boards offer 80 - 100 uses per face, compared to 8- 20 uses with standard Plyboard shuttering. Our dual range of PVC and PP are also 100% recyclable.

Extremely high utility-to-cost ratio

PVC Foam board and Polypropylene by cost - as little as R4.38 per use.

100% waterproof

Imperma Board gets it's name from its impressive waterproof usability.

does not rot

Imperma Board cannot rot, and repels insects, bugs, termites, bacteria and viruses.

cannot be used as fuel

No more expensive formwork being burned as fuel on the job site. Our new range is fire resistant.

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Imperma Formwork Board / Plyboard Use Case Comparison

Imperma Formwork BoardPlyboard
Our new “Plastic” solutions offer 80-100 uses Standard plyboard may get from 8-20 uses
PVC Foam board and Polypropylene by comparison cost R350/80 or R4.38 per use. Assuming a cost of plyboard of R250 per m2 = R250/8 or R32 per use.
The surface of “Plastic” boards are easily repaired with a heat gun and plastic filler.

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Imperma Shutterboard

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Why buy from us?

We aren't the only company selling PVC Foam Board, but we're undoubtedly the best. Here's why:

Cut to Size

Any cutting requirements you have, we'll do.

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Anywhere in the country

24/7 technical support

Chat directly with the most knowledgeable shopfitting team in South Africa.

Local is lekker

We are the only supplier of PVC Foam and Polypropelene-hollow shutterboard with local manufacturing capabilities.

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